Can Android Take On Apple’s Latest iOS 9?


post 4Android comes in different versions. There’s Android Lollipop and Kitkat, two of the most popular Androids used by many mobile users. Then there are also the older versions including Android Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Scream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. And it doesn’t stop there. Come late this year or early next year, Google is gearing up to launch its latest and major update to the operating system, the Android Marshmallow.

With more tablets and mobile phones running on Android, it’s no surprise that the operating system can go neck to neck with iOS. That position, however, may be in a difficult spot with Apple’s upcoming iOS update. Apple’s iOS 9 will launch together with the brand’s latest flagship phone, the iPhone 6S. As per usual, the latest OS is said to be faster and better in more ways than one.

Because Android’s next major update won’t release until end of this year or early next year, the Android system is in danger of being left behind by Apple’s iOS 9 especially since Android Lollipop is not doing very well. To date, it is Android KitKat that remains as the OS’s biggest player in the market. It is followed by Android Lollipop, which unfortunately, has contributed only measly increases in overall Android usage. In fact, the overall increase for all Android versions is less than 3% according to the latest reports.

If Android keeps up with its sluggish updates and reluctance to grow, it may come to a point that it will be hard to keep up with Apple’s fast-paced approach when it comes to updating its iOS. Hopefully, Android can pick its game back before its too late. For now, Android users will have to hold out their hope on Android M. With all its promised improvements, bug fixes and new features, there’s still hope for Android to give Apple a run for its money.