Best Android Phones of 2015

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Though Windows phones are now getting a good share of the market, there’s still no stopping Android and iOS from hogging most of the sales. With Apple launching the iPhone 6S and iOS this September 2015, it’s about to get even more exciting for mobile users. If you’re not an iPhone fan, however, you still have plenty of choices. Here are the best Android phones you can never go wrong with:

Samsung Galaxy S6

If iPhone 6 was dubbed as the best iPhone created yet, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the best Galaxy the market has seen yet. From its design to display, camera and overall performance, this latest offering from Samsung is a home run. In fact, some has considered this option better than the iPhone 6.


When it comes to the best smartphones available in the market today, it’s not just Apple and Samsung that are offering the market excellent options. LG has been upping its game as well and one of the best to come from the bank is the LG G4 with its excellent design, camera and distinctive leather back design.

HTC One M9

Another brand that’s been giving Apple and Samsung some competition is HTC. After the success of the HTC One M8, the brand continues with its surprising success with the HTC One M9. Though there are still more room for improvements, the phone has a beautiful design with a good set of hardware and software combination.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

If you’re looking for something compact yet high end, the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is the better option than its bigger version. It runs on Android 5 with a 4.6-inch screen and topnotch camera. Though small, the phone is full packed with features that, as an Android user, you can’t help but surely love.