Android M: What You Need to Know

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If you’ve always been an Android user, you’re probably excited as much as the next Android user for the upcoming Android M release. Just recently, Google has confirmed that the Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android M will hit the market soon. Either late this year or early 2016 at least if you have a non-Nexus phone.

If you’re a Nexus user, however, you can already download the developer preview version. The final version is expected to be available as soon as the Nexus 5 or Nexus 6 are available by early November. For non-Nexus users, you can upgrade to the newest Android update probably early next year. The exact date will also still depend on the type of phone you own. If yours is a high-end handset from popular brands, then you might get it earlier than that.

With the expected date out of the way, let’s get down to business and discuss the new features you can expect. With Apple all set for it’s latest and major iOS update, Android is not to be left behind. Android M will be featuring major updates as well with a great focus on bug fixes.

One of the exciting updates to look forward to is the operating system’s Doze feature, which is said to improve your phone’s efficient use of power. Doze has a motion detection feature that will put your device to a deeper and power-saving sleep when not in use. This means that you can expect battery life to be up to two times longer with Doze. The new Android M will also now have a standardized support for fingerprint sensors. This offers greater security for your phone. Other than unlocking your phone with fingerprints, this new update will also let you use the Android Pay system in a very secure way.

More of a good news for developers, Android M will have a major change when it comes to app permissions. The final user interface will show case new enhancements for permissions’ behavior. This means developers can now create apps with a smoother experience for users in mind.

Other new features you can expect include the visual voicemail, rotating home screen and more fixes for the app drawer. The visual voicemail is said to be accessible from the dialer where you get a visual experience for your voicemails rather than just audio. Though some may say that it took Android a while, the latest update will finally now feature a rotating home screen.

Many of the new updates for the Android M may not be as noticeable for the common user but the bug fixes are sure going to improve overall user experience. If you have a high-end handset then all the more that you should be excited for the Android M. For now, you can experience the preview if you have a suitable Nexus phone.